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Wildlife abounds within the Beltway of Washington, DC. Even an urban environment like our nation’s capital is home to a rich diversity of plants, animals, and natural places.

DCNATURE catalogs and celebrates the impressive range of flora and fauna that exist alongside the human population here in DC. The photos on this site are taken by people who have discovered that nature can be found in the unlikeliest of places.


Anyone can take a photo. But those with a keen eye can capture something unexpected. Something beautiful. Something new. The photos you see on DCNATURE.com are from people who did just that.

When you submit your photo to DCNATURE, a panel reviews it on the basis of:

  • Composition
  • Visual appeal
  • Uniqueness

If your photo makes the cut, it will appear on the site.


We are more than a photography website—we are a small community that enjoys being outside and exploring our environment.

We are concerned about what little space wildlife and wild places have in today’s world. At the same time, we recognize that nature in urban environments increases our quality of life. By documenting the fascinating line where nature and civilization meet, we aim to create awareness and simply enjoy nature in our daily lives. Network and discuss your project with other photographers by becoming a Fan on our Facebook Page.

Join Us

Submit your photos of DC’s plants, animals, environments, and human-wildlife interaction. If you would like to join us on our outings, send us an email.

DCNATURE was co-founded by three enthusiastic guys who still like to venture outside, look under logs and take pictures of bugs.